Refreshing Wild Beauty Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Pošćenje, Montenegro


This yoga retreat will give you a holistic effect and bring body, mind, consciousness, and soul into balance. This retreat helps to develop a greater understanding of your self and the purpose of life. On the spiritual path, this retreat leads you to supreme knowledge and eternal bliss in the union of the individual self with the universal self.

In this retreat, you will be able to get the opportunity to understand, learn, and practice:

Yoga and meditation: Here Montagna Travel Montenegro will teach you with a different type of yoga and yoga poses and their benefits in a different disease. Montagna Travel Montenegro will also teach you how to do meditation and its benefits.
Prayanama techniques: Here, you will learn different types of prayanama and how you can control your breath to avoid disease.
Workshop about medical / ayurvedic plants and tea: Here, you will learn how you can make yourself healthy with organic and Ayurvedic plants and how you can use these in your daily life.
Astrology workshop: This is completely mathematics calculation through which you can try to predict your future and try to make it safe, healthy, and happy.
Cooking spices and healthy food and diet workshop: Here, you will learn to cook healthy food and diet chart for family.
Sun-gazing: The practice of sun gazing has some truly amazing benefits, not only for physical health, but also for your mental well-being and spiritual development.

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