Research for School Project


Hello everyone! My name is Lynn I've been practicing yoga for a year now and I love every aspect of it! I lost someone dear to me from cancer last year and it inspired me to change my lifestyle. I also had knee surgery at the beginning of the year and yoga helped me rehabilitate. I'm a student at CU Denver and wanted to get some insight for a project. Anybody can answer! I'm sorry that I have nothing to offer but gratitude for your time in sharing your experience. If anybody would like more information about the project, please feel free to ask! Again, much love and thank you thank you thank you!


  • How long have you been doing yoga for? What kind of yoga do you do? What kind of yoga have you done?

  • How do you practice yoga? (i.e Studio, Group Class, Home, Mobile Device, etc.)

  • What do you like and dislike about yoga?

  • What was your first experience like? What made you want to begin? Did you have any knowledge of yoga prior to your first time? What did you like? Why didn't you like?

  • What would you have done differently?

  • How important is yoga philosophy to you and your practice? If it is important, how so? If it is not important, how so?

  • How do you see yoga evolving in the future? What do you wish to see? What do you wish not to see?

*Last but not lease, What is the meaning of yoga to you?

Once again, I appreciate the time that you take in answering these questions!!

Namaste :pray:


All life is yoga, a journey of self discovery and transcendence. Hatha yoga deals with the body. Over 40 years now. I wish I would have been more consistent with it. .