Restorative yoga - for lower back pain

Good afternoon - I was directed to your forum for an issue I’m having.

My lower back muscles have all gone into spasm. Radiating from my spine outwards to my hips and buttocks. This happens less regularily now that I’ve started yoga, but I have been wary of going to class to do a full practice untill all the pinching and dull ache calms down. Is there a passive pose I can do at home that would help with the lower back pain? I have a herniated disc from when I was a teenager (12 years ago) and old muscle injuries on the top of that down my left side after taking a fall 3 years ago. Pain mainly presents more on the left side even though during my practice I am generally tighter on my right side. I also find my right leg comes up a bit shorter, however I’ve been advised by physio’s that this is due to my hips being slightly misaligned.

I’ve been doing my spinal twists, knees to chest and child’s pose, but would like to do domething that I can relax into for 10 - 15 minutes. I’ve only been practicing for 5 months, and am very much a beginner.

Thanks you in advance for your time.

Since I will be teaching in London next month; optimal is come see me for an individual session there or coming to the class for as many days as you can. is my sponsor. If you cannot do that then get my book Structural Yoga Therapy and do the first half of the joint freeing series which will both bring tone and suppleness to your back. In my experience, Leg length differences are due to muscle weakness not pelvic imbalances. namaste mukunda

One of the most effective ways to ease tension and pain in your lower back is through a form of yoga called restorative yoga. Many of us spend hours a day in cars or chairs, positions that shape our bodies for life. As our bodies age, however, these same positions can cause pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints as we age. This is why it's important to pay attention to what type of yoga is best suited for your specific needs.