Restorative yoga?

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does anybody have experience with restorative yoga? It’s being offered in a studio near my place and I’m thinking of giving it a try.

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Yes. Restorative yoga is a great way to benefit from the energy of many asanas in a passive way. It’s really beneficial for people with physical issues that may prevent them from participating in a more active class, but it’s also great for people used to more active yoga to balance out their practice. Wonderful for relaxation and opening the body gently. Do give it a try.

Are you asking about my personal experience with that practice as a student or my experience with it as a teacher?

If you could talk about both, that would be fantastic! :slight_smile:

As a student I find that a well provided restorative class is incredibly refreshing, and nurturing. It has allowed me to balance a sometimes very full living through the profound rest a restorative practice provides. There are, of course, instances where I’ve taken classes labeled as such that did not provide this and so to me, as a student, I use care so that I don’t place myself in a context that confuses laying around with a restorative practice.

As a teacher, I find the structuring of class and the presentation of alignment, while supporting students (physically through the use of props), to require attentiveness, focus, and a grounded nature. The art of paying attention, of looking and seeing, that has to be heightened in me in order to provide the fullest benefit to the student.

Thanks a lot!

‘Restorative Yoga’ - Kind of begs the question.

If yoga isn’t restorative - what is it?


Energizing. Invigorating. Balancing. Therapeutic.
And these are only for sound yoga practices. For others, the list of adjectives might include;

Agitating. Aggravating. Dangerous. Over stimulating. Ego tripping.

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yeah its nice.Give it a try. You may need some equips for it but go a head, you will thank God you tried it out.
maybe check out some of them online here Redirecting... for guidance.

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