Retreat recommendation sought. India, Europe, Uk


Hi folks,

I have also posted this under the New Members area, but it might be more appropriate here. I hope that is agreeable etiquette for a newbie :slight_smile:

I may have the opportunity in the next few months to take a week out of work and family life to attend a retreat, at this point it is not for sure, but I seek recommendations.

India is not out of the question, I haven’t been back since 2004 and I would love to. My first thoughts are either Varanasi or the Himalaya or possibly Kerala. In previous visits I loved Varansi, Almora and Dharamsala particularly - though I haven’t been to Rishikesh, Alternatively anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Any answers gratefully received.



Hi Simon.

I’m the founder of Yoga Healing Nature, we create Yoga Retreats small groups in off the beaten track locations. For the moment we have on offer Italy Puglia, Italy Amalfi coast and Southern France, Please visit to find your fit. India is on our list but we are planning for 2019. You can sign up to the newsletter to stay up to date and we give lots of free tips too.

Be well


hi there,

we are organizing cute 5-day retreat in Croatia form June 2nd to 6th this year.

More details you may see here

The price is 250e including accommodation and all yoga classes, plus nidra nd meditaiton sessions, breathing exercises and nature walks.

Best regards,

Bojan from BeActive Montenegro