Rheumatoid arthritis


Hi M,

An old student/friend of mine has been recently diagnosed with RA and has asked me to help her. She is an active 35 year old phycologist. Her joints are stiff and she is a bit tired but she is not in pain. She knows the JFS and takes a general hatha class 1 or 2 times per week. She also likes to long distance walk.

From what I understand the arthritis part is a pitta issue when acute. I also read in Gail’s paper that agni needs to be fed. My ? is should her diet be cooling in nature? Should it be heavy in raw food (which is harder to digest). And is dairy indicated or contraindicated from your view.

In terms of practice my feeling is a gentle vinyasa practice would keep her joints moving best. Do you agree or is my thinking off?

Thanks for your help

om shanthi


I have little to say about diet. so would recommend you connect to Donna Sullivan in Costa Rica, SYT graduate whose paper is on this topic. It should be posted early Sept. for now you can reach her via email at djsullivan@racsa.co.cr For RA mostly i would keep to a standard yoga program especially JFS an as you suggest a gentle vinyasa program with ujjaye and plenty of stress management. namaste m