Routine vs Single Asana


I have recently taken up yoga as a way to lower my anger and become more calm and accepting of my surroundings. I have tried a few YouTube videos that take me through routines and while I have seen some progress in flexibility (a plus that I am looking for) I often walk away from these videos full of anxiety and a nervous energy. Is this normal?
I was thinking that I should maybe stop trying to keep up with these videos and just work on individual poses for a while and also concentrate on pranayama. A big problem with the videos is that I cannot keep up and I feel very sore after them.
So my question is, are the feelings I am having completely normal for a beginner and I should continue fighting my body and working my way through the videos or should I ease up and just spend time working on the breath and getting the basic postures down first?
Thank you for your help.


Some postures tend to activate your parasympathetic nervous system whereas some routines may do the opposite. But both of them have their own benefits specifically attached to it. It is important what is the routine you have been undergoing. It is better, at least in the beginning, to take a routine and undergo it under competent supervision.

Besides, you should have a better understanding of the yoga routines that you are undergoing.