Sacred Yoga



I am creating this thread to post a series of poems on the Sacredness of Yoga. Every week i will try to post at least one of my weekly meditation poems here, the rest i will post to my yoga blog: link in signature area.

Please feel free to comment, critique, amplify, or reflect off my pithy sayings/poems. While i share to help others grow in their yoga practice i also share in the hopes of gaining insight and wisdom from others so that i myself may grow. Yoga to me is a process of Awakening - whatever that may mean. So please, share your thoughts.

Blessings Be…


“Yoga is the Path and the Goal”

it’s an unveiling
uncoiling energy

a deep current in the ocean
winding its way to the/its source
& then back a[U]gain[/U].

Through movement comes life
through life comes Mind
and through Mind comes self: the begetter of All This.

Yoga slows things down so that we can touch into the moment and breath it all in…


In the beginning we just feel -
a seemingly easy task to do.

Yet, inevitably we fail as the mind and its
[/li][li]et cetera
come barging in -
Drowning us in Oblivion…


Yoga comes to me when I feel lost.
I am in contact with yoga since long time,but never learned yoga.There, is simply say,many different schools and Path of yoga and I was never sure where to start.
It seems to me that yoga is mostly stretching and keeping elasticity of own body,which is exactly what people loose with aging.
So,please,tell me where to start learning yoga?
Thank you.


Blessings Aku,

[B]Like a blind person crossing a new space -
bring your mind’s eye into the body
and feel your Way Around…[/B]

To me one of the first steps in yoga is to feel and connect with our bodies. There is no doubt “stretching and keeping elasticity” is a part of yoga, but asanas are so much more than that. We really begin to learn about asanas when we can deepen our experience with the body, and I believe one of the first steps that helps with that is just connecting with the body and feeling. Step away from the thoughts for a moment, do not judge, and just feel. While it is quite simple in theory, we find, as we move into a posture, that keeping our mind purely on the sensation is pretty difficult.

Even from the very beginning of yoga we are working with the emotions, thoughts, body, energy, etc… We can see this by just trying to remain present with the asana and just feel. We start to learn how to control the mind by pulling our attention back to this very physical sensation. We start to learn how to work with the emotions by loosening up, relaxing into, and letting them flow without getting caught up. We learn about the energy as we deepen our experience of the stretch, feeling finer and finer aspects/qualities/fields/etc. of the body.

While yoga is a deep and vastly encompassing topic, in the beginning, just sitting down and trying to touch our toes is all we need. We do not need a mat, a ball, or anything else. Just sit down, stretch, and connect.

Blessings Be…


When we push into the threshold
and a hole host of stuff comes popping up:
hold there
rest there
allow the energy
and experience to arise
Step into it
now push a little bit further -
this gets the energy moving:
[INDENT]Now let go…[/INDENT]


Waving right arm opens all
Lifting,breathing fully
Life comes back to me

Through pain,sacrifice for unseen good
Perhaps is more then enough


Desire for more
life in blood and sinews
hemoglobin fraction different from chlorophyl
humans are kin of plants and trees


Practice turns into the goal:

There is no ambiguity
no magic
no mystery

It’s really quite simple once we see it for what it is:
A concerted/honest effort towards accomplishing our aims.

The hardest part of the process is not the practice,
but truly knowing what we want.

For there are so many layers to the self
that when they’re all unwrapped
we find there’s nothing left to desire…


i am afraid of what [U]i’ll[/U] C
i am afraid of what i’ll find
what i’ll learn
what i’ll B
or knot b.

I’m not afraid of being a yogi
i just question if i am one?

What makes a yogi
but one who travels a Path
and tastes it’s fruits?


I want to get to that place where there’s no fear

that place of clarity

that place of joy

I want to arrive
to be alive
2 live life [U]complete[/U]ly
to be [U]who[/U]le
2 B 1


Very nice stuff everyone!


Very Nice!


& negativity towards another (A=no-THER[SIZE=“2”]e)
are all obstacles.

As long as there is fear, desire, conception, and attachment,
so will there be distance between self and


LOVE helps bridge that G A P…


Just imagine,
you’re in your sixties
you’ve met a new love -
or rekindled an old one
everything is going great
and then,
the actions of your twenty-year old child lands you in Jail:
would you be okay with that?

If you wouldn’t allow one of your own children to drag you to jail
why would you allow others to disrupt/ripple your mind?


We all know yoga is about stretching our faces to our asses;
how at each moment we feel the tension rise within our bodies
like stress in our daily lives.

We connect with these feelings and relax into them,
letting go of our aversions
we embrace the pain within the bliss.

As we near our buttock
fear arises -
we learn to look at it
like all the fear in our life
and see it for what it is:
Illusions of our mind.

Getting closer to our gluteus
we begin to smell our own shit
and it stinks,
this reminds us -
all living beings suffer and seek happiness
& so,
compassion turns our shit into flowers.

Now we’re nose deep in our poopie holes
and how grand we feel,
but then,
we real-eye that it is just a stretch
and so let go of our attachments and give thanks.

After all ?
Yoga is so much more than just a stretch?



This is the first poem in my next series of posts dealing with pranayama. I expound on these poems in my yoga blog: link in signature area. Please feel free to comment, I encourage it. Any thoughts, additions, challenges, questions - please - ask, speak, share.

Blessings Be…

Feel inside
reach with the mind,
point the awareness to the sensation
feel the lungs pressing upon the heart
the liver

lay on the back

twist and turn

experience the breath in all its wonders ?
float in that space: Injoy?


Do you have place of balance?
Like Tan Tien/Qihai.
The reason I am asking is sometimes I feel energy moving inside me just by paying attention to Tan Tien.


Exhale -

touch in with loss


the unknown.

The air we breathe,

our most precious commodity

is not ours:

no matter how hard we hold it

we have to let it go.

That shouldn’t stop us from enjoying it though -

being In-Joy,

as we slowly



gently let it go.


Sink into it
like quick sand:
just be still and float there.

Then solidify,
allow the energy to build
breaking up adhesions
strengthening our weakness

Now release,
like a flower from the bud
opening to the sun.