Sacroiliac stabilizer pointers


Q - I have a student who practices shiatsu and Bowen technique and is great at helping others but has ongoing pain herself making it difficult to do bodywork treatments on the floor. She had a lumbar punture as a child because of meningitis and thinks this has had lasting effects.
Her pain is lateral to the sacrum, on both sides, her sacroiliac moves down on the test, both sides, despite practicing the exercises.

A - Check the program more closely.  She needs part one to tone her erectors and isolate the pelvic from upper body.  Hold her upper body still if possible to show that it works due to ability to isolate lower from upper.  Second part is to free up internal hip rotation so a stretch in groin or inguinal should result along with tone to gluteus medius.  All these points need to be clear otherwise the exercise will not work. one needs to be sure this is working to change the s/i motions if not they try alternate method done in prone position.  namaste