Sanyasi skillfulness. Divine Education

I’m trying to help teach what must change rather than explain the idea of suffering but a lot of the problems are in the world and those are because of the complications of explaining what needs to change without one thinking about why oneself is bad in the moment because it stops them from powerful progression. What they are thinking is equivalent to saying “I don’t want to start noticing a certain focus of suffering” but the problem is they are merely involved in a working progress and are not able to recognize their youthful designs harmony that says one shall not choose suffering by letting others suffer as a protective shield out of ignorance and arrogance which leads oneself to destruction of chance and of mind in history and destruction of body in biological ruining environments by illusionary reasoning. The bio memory can not afford the addiction to the bio energy’s death traps that create times of horrific begging by hope of escape. Evil is a scientifically solvable problem; no evil can make progress to stop evil. When volunteers fail to volunteer it is only that the time before was important to care for before misfortune. For example an person hurting someone else is simply because not it was what they need to do being a person but because of the ratios of biomemory’s prana; that means the truth I’m telling is it was simply a bad complex reality the body synced to and not a natural resolution. It could have also happened by the liberal space safe place destination that was not a safe place but a death condition that if not a dead nature in the self then a killing nature the body hoped was good by the blind hope it was a great emergency resort to bring all living being to peace. Anyways the deeper perfection of perspective does not think when danger is at a violent level one is evil by nature but they should instead be wise of that those blind by the hope that, though the possibilities of good fortune are not fully cognized or fully integrated to, are reasonably instincts of happiness that will bring the peace but is sensed by incorrect ambition and we can go on but the point is whatever the confused is defining things as or maybe just in a notion of progress of, is not even what the language they may not notice they were trying to use was just too uncoordinated to, to notice the obvious temptation or the truth that beings can live amongst: certain natural truths. To get the clutter out of the way know like Nikola Tesla working in his imagination is possible to guide us to safety with mind by phantom or nervous system generalization of habits or objects and environments that test and figure to ensure the emotions feel not pain. Meditate to correctly define things as pain. Any pain is wrong. We can not afford that. Do better :kissing_closed_eyes:. When situations are what you decide you should consider, because of self control and responsibility to not discard good prana that was polluted but more a knot than a poisonous plant area to avoid, think of the core philosophy in this post and know your importance you earn by caring for your dignity, my other posts are helpful tools even if some’s prominence are hard to recognize they can evolve by their simple conceptualness and multidimensionalness but complexity by wholesomeness. The deeper truth you need to know is telepathy is real and can contaminate everything, if serious about understanding the condition, the answer is all trends and interactions are actually polluted by a sin in action at the present time on earth.

4 for intelligence.
3 then 4 for focus then intelligence in time or going out in space. or 4 then 3 for intelligence then focus in time or going out in space. Side movement on 2d plane facing body is like time but a method skill or following a structured development of change or of essential manifestation.
Imagine a cloud of energy from food coming to you and in your aura you naturally allow it to coordinate to a creating a symbol for food if you’re philosophically vibrant, or you can summon a group of symbols to let it attach to if you were subconsciously or superconsciously calling the cloud when you were analytically aware being basic for example, or letting it attach to maybe a medium amount of symbols that have been naturally in more sync with your time and choices because you were specifically calling somewhat random small medium or large clouds from distances. You could also do it peripherally whether it’s more or less essential if aware or strong and robotic in common sense. :mage:‍♂

Here’s some view strong textI notice
If you can afford for (it’s durability) and by (it’s method) four in life’s chaos then one can care about preserving skills by checking on its use-ability and it’s timing and alignment signings to use for performance without it not being worth it’s level of prevalence and a more sub focus level of prevalence could be less of a risk if basic philosophy is strong, and of course you could need it to upkeep the base. The base of philosophy can be like a lasting prana body that doesn’t need complex tools because of the strength and the complexity of the body is much as well so by basic or extra knowledge one can achieve this natural lasting supreme nature and to further the point emotional life, as emotion develops and allows intelligence, is what the level of attending to remain wholesome is called. There are different levels of emotional simplicity and intense emotion may be affordable and chosen during times of complex simplicities that may or may not involve more circulation(space)/radiance(time) of emotion. There is a way of robotic nature that is possible as well lol by a self in sync with harmony of form allowing function the sync can so called end but be allowed to restart again without choosing it as long as it isn’t important to one to change. And there are different intensities of roboticness.

And when you’re frustrated about anything a lot in life don’t over squeeze your stomach or someone else; find your door and squeeze both knobs.

For the liberal 25 full moons. Pick 5 every 5 full moons overall at least. But you can pick one of five for every full moon within five.

Meditative idea
Like to sit in a vehicle meeting all of the teachers of peace in all directions. You are in a cargo vehicle that you can stay in called wisdom and can afford to visit 108 teachers. After every three teachers you also drive to a rest location and receive healing from God. The vehicle you are in has a vision scope to see the path routes. There are positive and negative sides that you can follow to choose liberal or conservative by the wheel. When you need to be careful and care for your heath urgently/core philosophy, you choose a more conservative succession of turns and are choosing between health for good and health by good since that is what essential wisdom is. You also can do most imaginative things doing all kinds of holy sorcery.
You can let 21 teachers teach three segments of a general thing and have 6 after teachers teaching you the wholesomeness or some sort of overall or personal overall things or things that are in synchronized harmony, in the fourth segment of teachers. These four types of teachers for anything in heaven are what repeats in that order for four cycles, then that can be a great end to your story.

Also you could do 108 route intersections with every third of those being conservative intersections and when you arrive to your destination there are 36 magical majestic mystical artifacts and jewels.

Another essential is namely: no evil entertainment.

No matter what to prevent any level of death (insanity, deformity/any physical illness) people do not have to wear clothes no matter where they are for health reason unless they are passed 18 and live in the wrong place but can move if needed. Things should work like this period.

Like Jesus said. Do not sacrifice dangerously and put strength into times of people lovingly relying on you.

Proper living can strengthen the perfection of your health even with clothes in philosophical settings for base situations. And always choose perfection and to do better.

Understand that wilderness people and city people are both meant to be fully proper, get there :ok_hand:, but only city people have to be civilized🫰. Wilderness; more land less people ratio. City; less land more people and their lifestyles ratio.

So Do put that strength in but be moderate.

The inside of the pineapple can be helpful in the same way as the male and female foods I listed but this one is especially for both by the great ways.

Imagine your own teachings of desire you learn from your sex/cuddling, though definitely healthy feeling at least, beads on your necklace when finding your youthful harmony that reveals your divine form.

Here comes the Buddha :heart_eyes: