Science Enlightenment Convergence


Hello everyone! My name is Apollo and I would just like to share some information with anyone if they’re interested.

I am heavily invested into Sadhguru’s message and have accepted Isha yoga as a more spiritual, enlightening form of uncapping the mind’s true potential. I think it is the next stage in human evolution as we come to realize that our focus, our emotions, our senses, and our seemingly random thoughts can be honed and filtered through a network of mindful practices.

I have recently put tremendous effort into the movements shared by the Isha Foundation and have signed up for seven hour and a half long webinars to increase my knowledge of the history of the ancient yogi and their practice.

It only makes sense that the eastern ancient practices have a more profound and spiritually enlightening way of becoming one with the breath and bodily movement. I have attended yoga classes and watched the most popular “at home” youtube channels and none of them seem to have true knowledge of what yoga can do for the body. I think that western society has “Americanized” the practice to our liking like we do with so many other cultures.

I have studied and continue to study the most recent scientific data supporting meditation practices that are saying test subjects were found to show increased facial expression recognition as well as increased brain activity in the regions associated with empathic behavior.

With the brain’s neuroplasticity, it is purely logical that a refined meditation practice in which one comes as close to doing nothing as possible will conserve energy for the brain by siphoning all of the oxygen from the atmosphere that the body collects through breathing and transmitting it to the brain that we are unable to turn off, only modify action. This process allows the energized, less homeostatically tasked brain to attend to processes such as organization, converting short-term into long-term memory, setting up automated empathic responses, and healing body injuries. This is why I believe that Sadhguru’s fractured leg healed in such an insanely short period of time.

In respect of all of these new discoveries, I intend to acquire more knowledge of the relevant science and the spiritual practice itself rendering myself as a test subject. I already feel marginally happier, more focused, more empathetic towards friends, family, and strangers, and cuts that I received on my arms from falling down the stairs last week are healing relatively quickly.

I plan to pack all of this knowledge and experience into a video content course of my own that explains the science and slows down the practice for beginners splitting up each movement into shorter segments so that people are able to focus on one movement and concept of the movement in relation to the historical and medical application so that people are better equipped for retaining the information and are able to recognize the exact benefits that become resultant from the practice.

The world is going to slowly change drifting towards more spiritual mindfulness and control over the self. Eckart Tolle, Sadhguru, and Mooji all come from different backgrounds, but through their sheer willpower of mind they have become eerily similar in personality and dialect.

:heart: Thank you all so much for reading, I believe that anyone willing to put the work in is a mind diamond waiting to awaken from the suppression of the mind that is subject to emotional distress, distraction, habitual temptation, and neglect of the full utilization of the intellect. If you trust me I think that I can help many people just like Sadhguru is doing with Isha Foundation. I want to spread more of the same message. :grinning:

If you are interested, post your email and I’ll share with you what I learned in a simple format and then notify you as soon as possible when I have all of the video content together! Namaste everyone!