Self-Improvement App

I am working with a startup that is looking to interview people who are passionate about self-improvement and mental health, and who often search online for these resources.

Who are we?

Inprove is the one-stop-shop for you to find, organize, and consume the most impactful resources for your specific mental health and self-improvement needs (handpicked by a community of like-minded mental-health junkies). On Inprove, you can also keep track of your key takeaways and insights from each resource, and re-visit them later (you’ll never have to re-read a book again!)

We are looking for potential users to interview, so we can get to know you better and develop our app to fit your needs.

We are building this product for a self-improvement community and have seen a lot of our initial users be part of the yoga. We want to custom-build this app to fit this community's needs. Please email if you're interested in providing some feedback!

How can you help?

Participate in an initial 30-min interview. Please DM me if you're interested.