Sensation that is neither stretch nor contraction


Namaste Mukunda,

I have a re-occuring “discomfort” in my hip that we spoke about last time I saw you. It is obvious to us both that related to the new stress in my life and emotions. I feel like I want to stretch it, but that doesnt help, and I have tried the release techinques you have showed me, so far no good. The reason I am writing is because over the last month or so I have seen several people with the same “pull” as they describe it in about the same location (deep six). they also dont like to stretch it, and complain of discomfort. Now when I am working with my hip I am hearing what these clients have said to me, and I wonder- is there just a different feel to a muscle that is plagued with emotion rather then weakness or tightness? It is obvious to me and I believe many people what a muscle feels like when it needs to be stretched. a little less so when it needs to be strengthened, this sensation I am having feels like something totally different. Have you been able to understand this from people by the way they describe their problems, what the sensation feels like, and understand it to be emotion rather then structural? I know with me the first time I came in with this you took measurements and found nothing amiss structurally. I guess I am wondering if there is a third catagory of muscular sensation, and if so does it help us as therapists to see that.

and then an aside- My 5 year old daughter was very upset, she told me that when she stretches there is still stretch left in her leg and she can’t get it all out.

Love Bonnie


I would also encourage you to read previous Q on energetic assessment procedure. I use the ROM procedure to determine if the pain is in hte first, 2nd or 3rd koshas. When ROM is normal, it is not in that kosha. When ROM excessive then person is most likely weak in that motions muscles; when ROM is less than normal, the person is tight in the antagonist movement’s muscles.

       i find that in reassessing the ROM that is normal there is often a catch indicative of a need for a "release" as i have put it before in trainings.  This may not be found in first time ROM test but is especially likely to be found in both shoulder and hip rotation assessments if the examiner moves slowly.  By getting them to release the limb, there arises trust and the possibility of fear or other emotions to arise in breath changes.  The release that is needed is stuck emotions, prana and conditioned thoughts - all of the above go together.  They may release one and not the other 2; or 2 but not 3 or all 3 if they are really ready to change their patterned conditioning.  

     So in detecting the discomfort that is in the hips it will just not "feel right", stretching or toning the appropriate findings of your accurate ROM or MT assessments does not provide relief.  In this case for sure you are seeing energy of vata not at home.  What brings it home is to access your common sense and intuition and begin a series of release procedures.  

    At first you do not need to know what it is just take what is the most obvious sign and address that. Say irregular or held breath.  By being gentle and encourage safety and trust that will open up waves of breath release and/or pranic sensations.  Thus moving from kosha one to 2.  these may go extend to kosha 3 as  revealing the conditioned limited thoughts or kosha 4 as wisdom about what needs to be done.  

     This is definitely a case of the more you look for other kosha symptoms the more you will see.  Mangala recently sent us all an article revealing that 96% of back pain is not diagnosed by changes detected by MRI.  Hence we must see that the vast majority of problems arise somewhere aside from the structural body.  Let us train in sadhana to be more receptive and perceptive of our multidimensional self and its Source, the True Self.  

     Your daughters words are captivating.  She says stretch is still there and she can't get it out.  So ask her to be more specific is the stretch stuck in her leg and not moving when she stretches or is it moving but just not enough to get it all out?  In the first case lighten up (move towards tamasic to create sattvic); in the second increase it (become rajasic then lighten up to stabilize sattvic).   namaste mukunda