Shakti Mat


[QUOTE=tessiesasha;35187]hi city monk

i love my shakti mat, it’s doing wonders for my tight back. how’s it going for your face?[/QUOTE]

I think this is working:) at least it relaxes all tiny - tiny face muscles and I think that will work away some wrinkles. Well, everything we apply warm, cold, moderate pressure tend to rejuvenate.

By the way, got my slipped disc aggravated after the 4 hour surf:( surf was fun though. But now I almost have to sleep on the shakti mat.

And I decided to contact these people who selling cheap shakti mats on Ebay so I can be the representative. I think it is a good deal to deliver this kind of thing to the people who need it just for $15… (Thats why I started to teach yoga - because it helped me to survive:)



These mats are great, I have used them for almost 2 years now. They can be highly effective at alleviating/helping to cure tendonitis, as the founder of our company outlines in his personal experience: Natural-Pain-Relief-With-Acupressure-Mats:-A-Personal-Experience

Importantly, they can help reduce inflammation and pain without the use of pharma, as well as allow a good night’s sleep for people who suffer from back/neck/shoulder tendonitis.

Hoping this helps. Health and Happiness.


A silly question, is one supposed to lie on the shakti mat naked or with clothes?? Are these mats made in China? i saw on the Chinese equivalent of Amazon (taobao) and saw shakti mats selling for like 80 Chinese dollars.


many people think it will HURT:) but it doe not. Even if it does hurt some sensitive fellow, he can start with t-shirt on first…