Shiva Yoga Peeth for beginners?


I am very much a beginner to yoga. I have been taking weekly classes for around a year and am looking to deepen my practice.
I still find some poses in particular the double leg forward stretch and 'head beyond the knee' poses very difficult, in addition to hip openers.

I am not looking to become a teacher at this stage.

But my teacher has recommended Shiva Yoga Peeth's TTC course in Rishikesh.

Has anybody done this? Can you confirm whether or not it is suitable for beginners.
(The website does say the course is geared towards those at beginner/intermediate level)

I am concerned that I will be out of my depth.

Any insights will be greatly appreciated.

Many many thanks


Hello Jupp,

I am yani from Abu Dhabi, I have recently finished my teacher training with shiv yoga peeth. When I enrolled for the course I was absolutely a beginner and knew nothing about yoga.

The teachers at Shiv yoga peeth are so well experienced and trained that they teach technique of every asana to beginner, intermediate and advance student.

we practice Ashtanga yoga and Hatha yoga daily in detail.

My personal experience with the shiv yoga peeth has been wonderful and now i feel more confident about yoga practice.

Hence, I feel you could take your teacher’s advise to join Shiv yoga peeth.



I completed my Yoga TTC in Shiva Yoga Peeth and I must say the experience was magical. If you are a beginner and desire to become a yoga teacher then this school is the right place for you. The props that are provided for beginner students in regard to the alignments and adjustments, the knowledge of the teachers , the love of the staff and the guiding light of Swami Sudhir Anand ji is unmatchable. Its like a heaven in real sense purifying your soul and enlightening your mind. The location of the school is just ideal overlooking mother Ganges. I couldn’t have asked for more. I feel truly blessed to have completed my TTC here. A must recommended school for all the budding yoga lovers.

My sincere gratitude to the entire staff of Shiva Yoga Peeth

Hari Om Tat Sat