Shiva Yoga Peeth Yoga Teacher Training in rishikesh India


Dear all,

I just finished my 200 hr teachers training course at Shiva yoga peeth.
Its just a unique experience compared to all existing yoga schools available in rishikesh.

Here I learnt a great blend of ashtanga & hatha yoga with traditional philosophy, meditation techniques and pranayama.

1 month is short to learn yoga but this just transformed my personality.
Detoxification and patience are virtues that are being cherished.

Swami Sudhir Anand's in-depth knowledge over yoga make sure that all students are gaining on equal grounds.

Under his guidance it could be possible to master Nauli technique within two weeks!!!

Rooftop yoga during sunrise and sunset with high hill tops in background gives a true experince of HIMALAYAN style.

Fellows yogis, this place is highly reccommondable.
Sattvic yogic prasad really helped to transform.

Om Shanti


Hi there

Wondering what’s the teaching methodology tht they teach there?
Do they include practicum whereby engaging the student to learn to teach in the program?

I read great review about the school but my concern is that there is not alot of focus given on teaching the student how to teach.



I am considering going here in june… but I know the ashram is under construction and students stay in hotels instead. I much rather be in the ashram, or is the hotel secluded comfortable enough? When will the ashram be completed?


Dear Grace,

Yes, they give task to handle class by your own. Asana teacher stay in class and you have to use your experience and learning to run by your own so have better confidence over what you have learnt.

After the class or any free hour teacher will explain you what were you good/bed at!

For Hatha and ashtanga - Swami Sudhir Anand will guide you.
He also had some classes in pranayama and philosophy.
For Pranayama – Swami Vishnu.
For Anatomy – Dr Vinod (Who is an ayurveda doctor).
For Yoga philosophy + Meditation – Swami Sanjiv Kashyap (Highly recomended to attend his atleast one class).

Note :- What ever or wherever you learn, but be regular at it. Teacher training might give you certification but go deep into yoga and its soul during your stay.

Dear Paolo,

I was there till First week of feb and there was no construction. But you can reconfirm with school again. I was staying in hotel nearby. You can look for both options.
Though my dinner/lunch was at ashram only. We didn’t consider it as a meal but as a Prasad (Blessing). Because ashram is having temple inside.

Let me know if you need any other clarification.

Om Tat Sat


THanks alot for the information.
I have enquired unfortunately the next available date is June and I wanted to enroll for April :frowning:

Would appreciate any other recommendations!


Hi all.I am Andrea from Mexico studying at Shiva Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh. I am doing the teacher’s training course with Swami Sudhir.
All the people here are very nice and kind in the ashram. It is also good before they are very open and you can do the training and also have a chance to visit a lot of places near by. We do a great practice with Swami Sudhir at the rooftop with meditation and the philosophy teacher is very experienced and takes you to the root of the knowledge of yoga. Every day is a surprise. The food is excellent. People care about you in this place.
A great teacher, Swami Sudhir rocks ! Excellent teaching practice classes,Best roof top yoga in Rishikesh and the best kitchen.and Siddharth the manager are also very helpful. :slight_smile:


My name is Sienna and I came to Rishikesh, all the way from the US to initiate a practice in yoga. I had always felt yoga was a calling but understood I needed the discipline and proper guidance to catalyze its application in my life. Within the first few days of my stay in Rishikesh I explored many yoga teachers and centers but felt truly at home and in the right hands once I found Swami Sudhir Anand! His teaching style is gentle and he is a true master! I stuck with it and made quantum leaps in terms of my progress as a student.

With his encouragement and wonderful guidance I went further and joined his yoga training course. One important quality I feel impelled to illuminate, being one of the many reasons why I chose Swami Sudhir Anand as my teacher is his genuine care and faith in his students. At first I was reluctant and shy to try for this course, but he showed me how to be confident and masterful like him! Looking back now I can see how far I have come thanks to him. I learned that when an amazing and rare opportunity shows itself we can only hope for such a teacher to help us embrace it fully.

This course was truly life changing and I feel quite blessed to have Swami Sudhir as my teacher! With all of my heart I recommend this course to anyone seeking yoga training course and deep knowledge in yoga:)



Thank you Sienna for your love and respect to Shivayogapeeth and Swami Sudhir.

Dear Yoga lovers Our School and the course is recognized by Yoga Alliance USA and students who make course from our school can registered with [B][I]Yoga Alliance USA[/I][/B]. Our certificates are veiled all over world

Advantage of Yoga Teacher Training at Shiva Yoga Peeth

you will learn :

How to increase your physical fitness and general health
Learn to nourish the body with traditional yogic diet and natruitional foods
Learn to rejuvenate clarity and mental health thereby increasing overall growth of the mind body and soul
Spiritual growth and development
Strengthening your meditation practice
Increase in flexibility
Acquiring discipline
Experiencing opportunities to discover the true self and synchronicity with universal truths
Spreading happiness and pleasure in your life and in the lives of others
Increase energy and enthusiasm in your daily life
Learn to develop confidence and will power

By the end of the course you will be a certified yoga teacher (by [B]Yoga Alliance USA[/B]) and be able to spread the gift of yoga to others through your new found knowledge and practice.

Please watch [B]Shivayogapeeth[/B] in [B]Youtube[/B].

Thank you,
Best regard


Great news for fellow yogis!

Shivayogapeeth is equipped with new gem of 500hrs TTC.

Accreditations :-

A. Yoga Alliance USA.

B. Government of India.

C. Yoga Alliance International.


Hi There, I am trying to decide on a YTT course over christmas.

Im looking at Rishikesh Yog Peeth & Shiva Yoga Peeth.

Shiva Yog doesnt say much about the facilities & its winter so im guessing its going to be cold, where are the practices done, is it only the roof top, is there heating, hot water to shower?

Is anyone familiar with both and will be able to give me an idea of the benefits or differences between them?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=marissan;77341]Hi There, I am trying to decide on a YTT course over christmas.

Thank you in advance! :-)[/QUOTE]

Namaste Marissan
Thank you for asking,Lot of yoga schools in Rishikesh because Rishikesh is the famous yoga city in this world.I like and did teacher training course in Shivayogapeeth. About facilities–
Fees for 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training- USD 1500

If you confirm your seat 3 months before starting date of our course you can pay USD 300 Less !!!

The fees are including with these facilities :

Separate room for each student
Diet food 3 times a day
3 time Tea
Aurvedic treatment with experience therapist
Cleanshing process Materials
Two books
One out day tour to nearby locations
Yoga alliance usa Registered Certificate

Note : If two person will book together then early birds price is USD 2200 including above all facilities.

Shivayogapeeth have very good yoga hall, if you search ( [B]Yoga Teacher Training India ) or ( Shivayogapeeth Yoga India[/B] ) in Face book then you can see the recently photo of yoga hall,They shared two photo with present students.Yoga hall is heated for cold season and all students are getting hot water to shower.We have very good experience about Roof top yoga classes due to Ganga view and beautiful nature.

We believe and according our yoga guru Swami Sudhir god is in side of everybody.
Thank you.


Thank you Minhee, that’s really helpful, I’ll take a look at the pictures. I really appreciate the extra information. Guru Swami Sudhir sounds very inspiring.

If anyone else has any experiences to share or information that would be wonderful.


Hey there, I understand Minhee was only advising me of SYP as that was what I asked about and that is where they are from. Im attracted to both SYP & RYP.

I am sure their are many other great places to go.

If anyone has any other information on Rishikesh Yog Peeth & Shiva Yog Peeth that might help me decide. They both seem wonderful and different.

Thank you again. M :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=marissan;77367]Hey there, I understand Minhee was only advising me of SYP as that was what I asked about and that is where they are from. Im attracted to both SYP & RYP.

I am sure their are many other great places to go.

If anyone has any other information on Rishikesh Yog Peeth & Shiva Yog Peeth that might help me decide. They both seem wonderful and different.

Thank you again. M :-)[/QUOTE]

Hi Marission
I got information Shivayogapeeth is fully booked for December course.So I can Suggest you please contact with Rishikeshyogapeeth,May be they need some student.
Thank you.


[QUOTE=Minhee;77368]Hi Marission
I got information Shivayogapeeth is fully booked for December course.
Thank you.[/QUOTE]
Hi Minhee
i believe that they have couple of seats left for december course because one Slovakian couple shifted their course from december to january i just finished my ttc in september and am doing my internship now in Shivayogapeeth.i saw this post so i taught it would be help to inform.i really think people at Shivayogapeeth are wonderful and the course is amazing and you get a chance to intern for 2 months after the course which am in right now
best regards,



With grace of shivam

Myself Nishanth Raj working in chennai,tamilnadu. I want to learn yoga from the yogis I just want to how much charge involved to learn yoga by staying in the ashramam. And if possible can i serve there as a sevak or volunteer?

Please let me know the above details as soon as possible. I am planning to come over there on the month of december


[QUOTE=marissan;77341]Hi There, I am trying to decide on a YTT course over christmas.

Im looking at Rishikesh Yog Peeth & Shiva Yoga Peeth.


Hi Marissan,

Thank you for choose Shivayogapeeth for yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh.I read your website in front page of www marissanolan com and found your review about Shivayogapeeth .I hope you spend your Christmas very nicely in Shivayogapeeth in month of December.
You wrote in your site – [I]

"I completed my training under guidance of Swami Sudhir at Shiva Yoga Peeth, Reshikesh, India.

Internationally qualified to instruct in Traditional Hatha, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Pranayama & Yogic Meditation.

I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with such a profound teacher who lives the simple yet powerful yogic values and has dedicated his life to sharing its benefits and wisdom throughout the world.

Deeply understanding the enormity of compassion, humor, simplicity, generosity, gentleness, dedication to higher values and practice is a gift that will stay with me for a life time.

If you have ever considered studying yoga or visiting an ashram in India I couldn’t recommend Swami Sudhir enough. Swami ensures it is always an unforgettable experience showing you the best of India and Indian way of life.

He is one of few Swamis that has the ability to teach traditional practice in a deeply meaningful way, to transform and inspire each person inexactly the way they need and help each individual to find ‘their yoga’."

Thank you Marission,
Have a nice time for you forever.
Minhee Lee,


Dear all,

I have just finished my 200 hours teacher training at Shiva Yoga Peeth (December 2012 - January 2013) and it was brilliant.

I was worried about choosing a school based on an internet site but all worries were forgotten the moment I called the school and talked with someone. When I emailed questions, they replied quickly and efficiently offering advice and knowledge that helped with the process from departure, here, to arrival at the school.

The classes, yoga, meditation, cleansing processes, yoga philosophy and history and anatomy were organised, informative and crucial to good practice. The course was structured to enable me focus on learning and deepening my own skills to building the confidence and knowledge I need to be able to teach. It has changed my life.

The course builds on your own knowledge from where you are in terms of yoga as an individual. The school provides you with textbooks as well as housing a small library for personal study. The lectures were great. The facilities were brilliant. The rooms were clean and had wifi, catering was excellent and yoga studios were spotless. I highly recommend studying here.



Hi there…
I am trying to decide which school to choose to do my 200 hours yttc.

Shiva yoga peeth seems great however I would love to know a bit more about the way they are teaching :
How many students at the same time?
Are they offering an ashram stay?
What about practicum?

Thanks for sharing your feedbacks :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info Pawan.:wink: