Should I just do YTT at home studio in Canada?


I’ve been going to a yoga studio for about 2 1/2 years and have decided that I want to be an instructor. I really enjoy the classes at the studio and it appears they may have a ytt coming up there. I love that it’s so close to home and the schedule would be good for my work schedule. So I would like to consider joining the ytt there but here’s my dilemma. I’ve overheard the lead instructor tap a few students on the shoulder and recommend they do a ytt. I haven’t gotten that tap. I have a strong practice, and practice just about everyday. Am I over thinking this? Or should I consider doing ytt elsewhere since I didn’t get the tap? There’s a few other studios that are farther near Ontario. I just feel that I’d prefer to do it with a teacher that believes in me and could potentially hire me.


My 1st teacher back in 1973 London Ontario said that students should study and practice for about 4 years. Doing YTT is a good way to learn more about Yoga just for your own practice.


Hey Yoga community :slight_smile: I have been a yoga addict for several years and would like to share new techniques that I learned throughout the years that would be beneficial to all of you.

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