Side Crow. Cannot seem to get it


I have tried and tried and tried to do side crow but alas I cannot seem to get my knees/thighs over my upper arms.
My upper body strength is good.
I can do forward crow no problem.
Is it flexibility? Are my thighs too thick?

Any ideas or tips?

Thank you so much for any input.



Don’t get worried, every asana comes naturally when you put much work to it.

That’s possible your muscles could be a little bit too weak to handle your body, so let’s try some core exercises. I posted today about it on my blog -> here you will find a film with one of the trainings I do to hold bakasana or parsva bakasana which is side crow ofcourse.

Try to focus on your arms, back, belly and chest. This will support your posture better.

Try also to find how to get into this pose, find some preparation exercises in the internet. I will post some video with parsva bakasana also so you could follow my blog and soon there will be some tips.

I hope I helped you somehow, please let me know if you need some more help and feel welcome to write me on my site!

Have a nice day/evening!


Hi! One thing that helped me in the beginning of learning side crow was putting a block where your forehead would be to add a third point of contact with the floor. As you gain more balance you can ease your head off the block, good luck!


Hi shumanfoo,

It might be a matter of being tight on the outer hips and IT band. I would suggest you warm up with lots of twists and poses like matsyendrasana.

I’ve made a side crow twist that you can find on the link below. I hope that helps!



depends on few things.

if your abductors are weak then it will improve with more practice.
if you have big tummy then you have to reduce it first to create some space. In front crow tummy gets space to fit in but in side there is no space.