Signature website references as links

Hi I have tried several tricks to get my website address show as a link in my signature, but no luck. It’s frustrating to see other people able to do it, and having looked at options and using HTML and the like I can’t get this to work.

Does any one know how to do this?

Many thanks in advance.


You must have 25 posts before you can have an active link in your signature. We do this to cut down on the many spammers who like to utilize that method to promote their websites. Our feelings are that if you are a contributor to this forum, then you’re welcome to plug your site in your signature.

Once you have 25 posts, you’ll utilize vb code to make your link function.


Ok, so thats good then, I am nearly there with 24 posts now :slight_smile: Thank you for that explanation and it is a good plan you have regarding spammers

So does that mean from the 25th post, or after the 25th post? I gues we will find out if I added the code to my signature correctly, being that this is my 25th post :slight_smile:

Ok, looks like from the 26th post then :slight_smile:

I assume this isn’t automatic but requires an admin person to change a setting on my account?

Many thanks, and no rush of course, im just trying to understand

It is automatic… sort of. It’s run by what’s called a “cron job” which updates things once an hour. So if you get your 25th post just after the cron job runs, it may take up to an hour to update you.

I’ll add that info to the post about the 25 required posts.

Ahh I see, yeah I know all about cron jobs. I use them all the time, and shell scripts.