Significance of Sanskrit Numberings?

What is the Significance of Sanskrit Numberings that appear underneath our user name on our posts. I notice also that their are some exceptions for forum facilatators. I have found translations and know they are numbers but why do I have 46 ( trimshat ) after my name one post and at a later post the sanskrit number catvaarimsh?t for 40 ?

hi tony, you are correct; they are the sanskrit numbers. it is supposed to be the number of posts that have you made on the forum, though it seems that our counter is off. i will let david know about this too.

we used to have “member” and “senior member” for once you posted over 100, but that wasn’t very interesting. we also used to “forum moderators” and now we “facilitators”. i need to look at mine, i can’t see it on the page where i am typing this post, but i think mine says “syt facilitator” for structural yoga therapy facilitator.


Cheers to you, Nichole. Here’s a poem continuation ( from Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle ) I wrote recently in response to my niece’s ( 23 ) question, What do Tigers dream ? Tiger got to hunt, Bird got to fly, I got to sit and wonder,‘why, why, why ?’ Tiger got to sleep, Bird got to land, I got to tell myself,’ I understand '. Tiger got to dream, Bird got to Dream, I got to dream too, Tiger dream of Tigers in Tigerland, Bird dream of Birds in Birdland, I dream of things from my land too. Things in Tigerland need to be eaten, Things in Birdland need to be flown over and Things in my land need to be Toasted. Cheers