Signs of kundalini/third eye opening?


Dear yogis,

I have a question I hope you could help me answer.

Since about a month back I have started doing a 30-45 minute program including sat kriya and kirtan kriya meditation. Within now two weeks I have had two “strange” things happen and thinking its due to the meditations.

Both times I was between sleep and awake and my eyes got drawn into the third eye and I saw all these organic shapes constantly changing into new patterns. At the same time I felt vibrating sensations in my body and the first time it happened it was very clear tingling sensations down my upper arms or like someone stroke me with its nail (gently/loving) down the arm. Both times it was like I stopped breathing and my body couldn’t move. The second time it happened I heard a voice before it started.

PLEASE, would someone like to share what happened to me, if this was a sign kundalini/third eye opening or something else?

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greetings.yes these are the symptoms of kundalini or whatever you called.
first of all form whoever you learned those techniques ask him first.he will guide you more on this.
for general advice i will say pacing of yourself and doing alternate breathing two time a day for 10 minutes atleast to remove blockage of nadis so you can progress naturally.these were happend to me before 1 years but steady meditation and pranayam what give me the best result.
reducing the time of your tecq. to 20 m or alternate day will help to subdue these.
also read advance yoga forum to more help on self pacing as forcing yourself will lead you to further depression.


Thank you saurabh88 for your reply! When this kundalini awakening has started, does it always progress, do you know?


[QUOTE=yogastic;87581]Thank you saurabh88 for your reply! When this kundalini awakening has started, does it always progress, do you know?[/QUOTE]

does it always progress/no.
once you stopped your practice it will subside gradually.
as you practice more and more the symptoms become more and more irritting and troublesome.
you will need efficient advanced yogi to look after you in that nascent stage.
once you passed that painfull stage then there is no looking back.


Sounds intense! Ok thank you for your reply and my late note! Its such an interesting area but I know one should have utter respect for it.


It is symptom that you are on track. This will help you further your progress by consistent practices. It is not that your third-eye opened or your kundalini awakened. It is just that you are on track. If you further your progress, you will get more symptoms like this.