Simhastha pair from YouTube

Lollol #cleanse purify assist

I don’t know Indian languages much but this is the funny one.

Is Ramdev someone who lived a long time ago like 300 years ago and we just aren’t being told about it? I’m mostly joking but that would be cool.

When you sit down you’re about 24 distal phalanges from the ground to the shoulders which can help you imagine and integrate up in the clouds or swimming miles deep that when you grab two length cubit stick in the middle that is like 16 to 20 and from 20 to 24 is like your middle finger to pinky stretched out. Now grab your stick and go!!!!


If ejaculating alone try maybe focusing on random object in room for similar momentum through thee and also whether alone or not maybe think of x in this method on map, so think of an x on the map from Norway to Thailand and from Guinea to AnZhu islands for a little family orientation. Everything Everywhere all at once like a vegan family food fight in the club