Specific question about So Hum/Sakshi/Witness Meditation


Hi. I am a beginning practitioner of yoga and meditation and I am cultivating a practice to achieve spiritual liberation. One of my goals to this end is to practice meditation that achieves a state of detached witnessing through the super consciousness of the spirit or Atman. During my recent research, I discovered the Sakshi meditation technique. It is also known as Witness mediation which is the practice of observing the breath while repeating the So-Hum mantra. Basically, you mentally say the word "So" when you breath in and say "Hum" when you breath out. You repeat this for every breath cycle and focus on the breathing as you recite the mantra. I have seen many websites that provide instructions to do this meditation, but most differ in the way they instruct the practitioner to handle thoughts that arise during this meditative practice. Some say that when distracting thoughts arise and your mind wonders, bring back the focus to the breath while continuing to repeat the So-Hum mantra. Other sites say that you should instead bring back the focus to the mantra and then continue observing the breath. Which is it? When my mind gets distracted by thoughts, do I bring back the attention to the So-Hum mantra or the breath? Thanks for your replies in advance.


My Yoga teacher said today "thoughts are like a train going by".


Now a days many types of meditation came. But there is a key in every types of meditation. You have to focus in your breathing. It's because our mind is not stable like a monkey hard control it. So when we are meditating in our mind there is thousand thoughts is coming . For controlling our thought's we are focusing is our breathing. it's same like you wanna control monkey just give him banana. while focusing in your breathing in one point u will experience that you don't have any other thought's in your mind.


Soham is an Ajapa Gayatri Mantra. Before any practice , one should understand the philosophy behind it. You may refer this article fora great explanation to Soham meditation.


I am doing Sahaja Yoga for 30 years and you can get Samadhi with Sahaja Yoga.