Spinal Cord and Diabetes-help on Yoga, pl

Greetings everyone.
My friend is 46 year old male, has diabetes, 30% blockage in heart, GERD, several spinal cord dislocations (3 in the back and 3 in the neck). He is having trouble sleeping (says, gets the urge to go to bathroom at least twice in the night), so sleep is disturbed. He has problems sitting /standing, left leg is weak, right arm is weak (has tendinitis that won’t go away), headaches.

I have used Swami Ramdev’s products for GERD and found them to be useful, as well as gone for yoga classes; so I recommended Swami Ramdev’s yoga to him, who has a institute almost 2 hours from Princeton; however, he is preferring .
It seems for our research, that Iyengar/Hatha yoga too seems to be good, so he is confused and I know very little to guide him there. Moreover, he lives in Princeton, NJ, there appears to be no Iyengar yoga nearby. He is hesitant to go to any yoga teacher, due to the injuries and most of the teachers he had called, were reluctant.

Appreciate if someone can help in deciding the right yoga /yoga teacher.
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Obviously with this much stuff going on your friend will be well served by going sooner than later. And since there is so much stuff it obviously will call for radical changes on the part of how your friend lives his life. This will include changes in foods, thoughts, and emotions. The larger the issue the larger the required response.

However reluctance on the part of the student or the teacher makes what is already challenging work nearly impossible. I suggest he vet a well trained teacher with therapeutics not only in their background but ongoing or re-certifying or continuing ed.

Please use the Yoga Alliance directory located here.
I would advise looking for an RYT-500 or ERYT in either Purna Yoga, Viniyoga, or Iyengar Yoga. Even with this I suggest you inquire of the teacher directly how they would approach the issues raised and what sort of protocol might they use.



Thankyou Gordon, I will forward your reply to him.
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Your friend sounds to be in a not so good way.
He will most probably need one on one yoga therapy training if he is serious about wanting to give yoga a go… so best to search out for yoga therapists specifically. And yes Iyengar style is one of the most suitable.

Also look for any Feldenkrais classes or teachers in the area - they are highly trained and could help greatly. Feldenkrais teaches you how to move more efficiently.

Good idea to get him to a nutritionist and get his diet sorted and try acupuncture for pain management.

Good luck

Symptoms of Diabetes

Pain Management with yoga focuses on not only easing your suffering but also improving the quality of your life. Physical therapists work to strengthen muscles for spinal cord, but a variety of naturopathic alternatives can control pain and provide relief. Here , Meditation and yoga were often included in the recommended practice schedule.