Staff wanted for surf and yoga retreat


couple (preferably but not essential) wanted to work and manage 5 day surf and yoga programmes in camp in portugal
duties are to teach yoga twice per day
cook meals for up to 8 people
keep camp running and look after guests.
yoga teacher must have at least 2 years teaching experience and person to cook should know vegetarian cuisine and be able to provide 3 meals per day.
if interested email cv ,photo and any other relevant experience
om shanti


Hey! My name is Reno and I am 27 years old and live in Canada.
Yoga is my life and I would love to be somewhere warm to practice.
I love people and believe in the life changing power of asana.
I just finished a 9 month long teacher training program and have been teaching classes regularly for about 4 months now.
Though I am young my dedication to asana and bhakti practices would be an asset to any retreat.
Would love to talk more!


Namaste Laurie
I am wondering if this position is still available.
I have 4 years teaching experience am currently working in Costa Rica for a Surf Institute.
I’m more than happy to send you my resume and references if you’re still looking for someone.
By the way I’m a Kiwi…you’re from Australia?
My email address is

Om Shanti