Starting Surya Namaskara


Hey guys,

Today I received a book on surya namaskara by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. I get the impression from a few parts of the book that one should learn the exercise from a teacher, otherwise it may be potentially detrimental to your health. I also saw a video on YouTube by Swami Ramdev for surya namaskara and in the description it is mentioned that an experienced teacher is necessary to learn.

Unfortunately there are few places for me to specifically learn surya namaskara here in the UK. Is it really necessary to learn from a teacher something that you can copy from innumerable books and videos? Does anyone have any suggestions?


That surya namaskara show on youtube…will probably hurt you with or without a teacher…
1.Banding backward with arms over head and feet together could out a huge strain on your lower back if you are not strong and flexible.
2.Doing a lunge with the knee going over the foot puts lots of pressure on the knee…if you want to do lunges in sun salutation…make sure knee is over ankle and foot flat on floor…felling stretch in the front of thigh in back leg.
3.tipping the head back as he is doing with shoulders up near ears will not be good for your neck.


best thing to do is GO TO A CLASS with a properly qualified teacher.


Where do you live in the UK that there are no yoga teachers?


There are definitely yoga teachers near where I live, but I want to specifically learn surya namaskara. Right now I’m not so interested in learning anything else. A class might not be a suitable situation for learning just one thing, unless I could find a teacher to show me one-to-one.


Lots of teachers will do one-on-one classes with you - it might be a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it to have someone who can assess your capability and assist you with doing the practice correctly. Try calling a few places to ask whether they have teachers who would be willing to teach you just that practice, and how much it would cost for a one on one. I’m sure you will find someone who can help. :slight_smile:


Sun Salute is a beautiful and invigorating practice! Teacher is a plus but not a must. one can get hurt by cleaning the teeth in improper way:) LOL

Even if one can get hurt during improper yoga poses, the demadge more likely will not be permanent… and will go away with the rest…and you will get a lesson :slight_smile:

proper alignment I’d make emphasis in sun salutes… :

  • knees always over your hills in transition lunges
  • elbows to the ribs in chatauranga dandasana (low push-up)
  • elbows over the wrist in ctauranga
  • drop you knees to the floor in the PLANK if it feels hard to keep the pose. same thing.
  • bend the knees in forward fold but KEEP THE SPINE STRAIGHT (use the blocks for your hands if needed)
  • bend the knees in down dog to keep the spine long and straight… press through the palm of the hand AND the fingertips…
  • go slow and adjust poses if feels uncomfortable or just “not right” …

there are lot of help online on popper alignment and useful tools and modifications to approach sun salute safe and have a positive experience afterwards!


not really, there is no need for the teacher in learning surya namaskar. Actually there is a nice video on youtube of “Ramdev” who is the master of yoga from many years. Even not only him, there are many CD’s and videos available for it, which makes you much easy to understand and learn by yourself.

Stay healthy!! :slight_smile:


Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is Yoga pranayama. Surya Namaskar is a regular yoga exercise for the physical, mental, & spiritual benefits of beings. But one should know how to do Surya Namaskar. And Its 12 poses.


The traditional Surya Namaskaram, known as Sun Salutation, is practiced at the beginning of an asana session to warm up the body, and to acknowledge the inner sun and its profound role in regulating the body. According to yogic science, there are devas or divine impulses that rule the different parts of our human body. The 12 Sun Salutation movements are based on the 12 zodiac signs and can help us to be in sync with our physical and mental cycles. In ancient days, this exercise was a daily routine as a part of yogic spiritual practices, and was practiced in the early morning facing the sun to internalize the sun as part of our body system.

Came across this article about Surya Namaskar which was very interesting.

The article was well described about the asanas with pictures, benefits and how to do it very clearly.