Stiff after Iyengar classes


Hello Yoga World,
I started an Iyengar practice on and off last year and since September, I've dedicated much more time to the practice with 4-5 classes per week, including an assisted "Specific Cases" class for my scoliosis.

I used to practice Hata and Ashtanga between 2005 and 2008 and it felt great, i became more aware of my movements and I could feel after the first classes that Yoga was excellent for the scoliosis "well being", i.e flexibility, mobility, relaxed mind etc...

Unfortunately, I haven't found that peaceful and relaxed feeling in Iyengar. I love the classes, I can feel the very intense stretch, but on the next day, I most often feel stiffer and even feel pain and blocked energy in the "stuck" parts of my body related to the spine curve.

Could Iyengar actually be more intense than a more global Yoga practice or focusing too much on one part of the body because it is specially "closed" could actually have the opposite effect and do more harm than good.
I've been having a stiff neck with trapezius hard like a rock for 2 weeks and I really worry about the future of my relationship with Iyengar!

Would be great to have your thoughts

Love to all



I am doing Iyengar for two years. I sometimes experience the stiffness you describe. I noticed that it doesn't happen when I listen to my body. I think that the purpose is to think about your body in a holistic way and by focusing on one area we can harm ourselves. My blocked areas won't allow we to do some asanas - I allow myself to let it go, use props, modify asana. And with time I notice progress.