Strange Feeling During Savasana



I am a very new to the practice of Yoga, So I feel kind of crazy, but I feel the need to ask. When I am in Savasana, and I start to focus on my breathing, the teacher’s voice fades away, and I can feel the breath travel through my body, like a current washing over and through me. When I inhale I feel the breath pulse, bounce, reverberate, (not sure on the wording but all of that seems true) and come back to me. I feel that pulse feeling either in my palms or my feet. What is this feeling? It scared me at first, and I lost my focus, and it went away. Now I am just curious. I can almost visualize it when I close my eyes and think about the feeling.

I would also appreciate any advice you have for a new learner!!




Savasana should be done this way only.

what you experience is natural and it the way it should happen.

Do not get scared with glimpses of these experiences, they are essence of yoga, so just let go and surrender to it.


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That sounds dangerous. What happens if there’s an emergency?

In my savasana, I usually wonder why we aren’t still going through poses.

I’d rather do a sea of ohms for five minutes than lay down and wait for somebody to put a towel over my forehead.