Strange Meditation experience


This has happened to me for the first time when someone was hypnotizing me (hypnosis therapy) and then it has happened a few times when meditating by myself.

Essentially, I start to feel a huge tingling sensation in my my whole body, the hands, the legs, the face, the chest, everywhere and then I start to fall down. When it happened under hypnosis, the therapist had to hold me to stop me from falling down. When it happens when I am meditating I just fall straight on the bed or on the floor. The fall is really slow and gradual, only a little bit at a time. I am somehow aware that it is happening, and I still have control of my body except it feels like in order to stop from falling it would require tremendous efforts. The best I can compare it too is when you are about to faint. Except with this experience, the tingling doesn't feel uncomfortable and unpleasant like it does when you are fainting.

I am really curious what is causing this, any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


Hi there!
I think you get fall into a deep meditation and self-hypnosis. Though, they are both beneficial induce deep relaxation and calming state of mind, but if it makes you feel uncomfortable you can use meditation alone or use Guided Meditation instead of self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis is an interaction in which the participant responds to the suggestions of the hypnotist. The hypnotist is using specific suggestions, words, and touch in order to enter your subconscious mind.

Guided Meditation is about using the power of your own imagination. With the gentle guidance of a narrator, it will guide you through a scene in your mind and use your imagination in order to bring about change. Anyone can use guided meditation safely.

Visit this website ( and try their music nutrition's guided meditational track that you maybe get interested and works for you too.


Have you ever practiced asana? Like you have to make your body strong through anana so you can sit long time in one position and you will not feel tingling . That's why by rule, meditation is coming after asana. And during meditation our body is getting so much energy so if you are new practitioner or not enough strong body then you can feel falling, dizzy etc.


DK Yoo's ebook on Cham Jang Gong describes a tingling sensation when doing a technique thats similar to Savasana , maybe your becoming so deeply relaxed that you cant hold yourself up, a bit like the drunken master :blush:, maybe swith to lying down instead of seated for a while, hope this helps :blush::blush::blush: