Stretch and Maintain

Is why I’m here.
I’m British in Britain…

What I’ve got:
Stretch mat…
I know a few floor positions/basic Yoga and some basic Pilates…
I’m at the end of my recovery for this finger I cut doing the garden (31, I live with my Nan at her house).

Alas my life is in dire need of help and I’m too laid back to do anything about it and need a kick in the bum before I become one; sorry, but it’s true and I’m going to put it like that.
Going to have to work so hard this weekend for a Monday deadline.
and sort out my life outside of school.
I love my freedom and am working hard to maintain that learning things about the corporate world at an affordable loss and I’m studying Business and Economics to teach me how to run my company… 'Tis stressing but I’m too busy doing what I want to do not in a Nanny State in a Nanny State but in a Nanny House, my Nan’s house having a better life than people on the streets.
So… IDK… I guess sobering up could be fun, but if I quit the pot to get a visa for America (plans) then IdK if I could light up somewhere private with it in Oregon while I escape the UK for 2 weeks and the whole political madness that has sucked me into the world of politics.

I went from being a floating voter to joining the Centre Right Party fearful of Communists; It’s not good, but it’s life in London.
Soho, love it, Thornton Heath, from it, London, my home town.