Stretching Too Aggressively


Is it possible to be a little too aggressive while stretching?

This question is solely for stretching my hip flexors. I perform runners lunges for one minute on each leg daily. I keep a posterior tilt while doing doing this stretch, and really drive my tailbone forward. When doing this it feels kind of harsh. I hold the tension and don't release it, thinking that this is just the process for this stretch. In addition to keeping my posterior tilt locked into position, I sometimes lean forward a little bit into a deeper stretch.

Stretching my hamstrings while touching my toes is a completely different experience for me for example. When performing a hamstring stretch, intuitively I know it feels right. The feeling is good, like my body is thanking me for doing it. However, with the hip flexor stretch it is not so obvious. Perhaps I do not have a strong mind body connection in my hips? Or it's just a smaller muscle and harder to target?

Am I doing more harm than good? Should I ease off some of the tension, and intermittently put it back on?



Hip extension is limited by iliofemoral ligament and what you are experiencing is normal.