Studio for Sale in Romania - Property Included


Namaste, dear fellow Yogis

My name is Marius, and Sambodhi Studio in Bucharest, Romania, was my dream project for the last two years. Sambodhi’s aim is to offer great classes and establish itself as a Yoga Hub where people can gather and grow into a vibrant conscious community.
At this moment the studio is up and running, being fully operational, with a website, facebook page, and google maps location and everything else in order to start your classes right away.

About the Sale,
Due to some change of events, i need to move to another country, so i would like to sell the property with business included.
The opportunity here is to own the actual place without worrying about rent, while the expenses are to a minimum. No more need of contracts or leases.

Check out this link for more pictures >

About the Studio,
There are 150sqm , divided in:

  • shala (yoga hall - 89 sqm),
  • reception room with 3 changing booths/ lounge (39 sqm),
  • small storage room 2 sqm
  • bathroom divided in 3 - shower room, hand-wash and toilet room (8 sqm),
  • outside terrace entrance area (12 sqm).

The Studio is in a small resident apartment building of only 7 apartments, and is built just 5 years ago (2013).
The entrance to the studio is directly from outside, being completely independent from the rest of the building.
The location is on a very quiet street, yet very close to the main boulevard, and 10 minutes walk to the nearest Metro Station.
In terms of being central, the studio is just 2 Metro (Subway/Tube) stops away from Unirii Square (Downtown), or 10-12 minutes by car.


  • the studio has it’s own brand new heating system, very efficient, german built Viessman Unit, still in warranty.
  • 4 Cameras Indoor / Outdoor Surveillance system, remotely viewable from your phone.
  • Motion detector security system.
  • High Speed Wifi
  • Dimmable lights for reception and yoga hall.
  • Wireless screen projector on a 2x2m retractible screen - great for presentation & movie nights.
  • Ventilation and humidity control systems.
  • Sound proof divider (wall & doors) between the lounge (reception) area and the yoga hall.
  • Sound proofed ceiling.
  • High quality (expensive) wooden flooring tiles and proper insulation
  • Thermal insulation on all walls for a minimum expense during winters.

Expenses - extremely low,
Building maintenance fee - 10 euro / month.
Internet - 6 Euro / month
Gas - 15-60 euro / month depending on season.
Electricity - 15 euro / month

Price of Sale,
The business is still growing and not fully mature, but already in place and with exposure and great networking. All I ask is just the property price. Basically all the elements associated with the business are FREE a bonus.

The selling price is on the cheap side, only 1300 euro / sqm (same price that you would pay for and apartment per sqm, not a business place price).
With a total of 150sqm, the Sale equates to 195k euro for the the Yoga Studio - business & property.

With an estimate potential of 40-50K / year, your ROI should be about 5 Years, which is great.

Also as another free bonus: I am willing to take my time and help you set up your own business on your own name, thus saving you the hassle and overpriced consulting services.

Feel free to ask me anything at
You can also check out also the studio’s website and facebook page. Google Sambodhi Studio. Do the same using facebook search.

About Yoga “Industry” in Bucharest, Romania,
Just 5 years ago this “industry” if you want to call it this way, was almost close to none in Bucharest, now i think there are around 15 Yoga studios in Bucharest, with only 4-5 being really great in terms of look and facilities, most of them being rented average size living studios (30-40 sqm) at various building floors. So i would say competition is not so high, and the market is developing fast leaving a lot of opportunity for growth and innovation. if you are familiar with facebook audience insights tool you will find out that there are about 220,000 people which have some interest in Yoga, and if you also have some marketing experience, this audience can be easily reached using social media / events / and other network channels. One other opportunity is the rapid business growth in Bucharest, and the need for employe wellness programs.

Why should you invest in Romania?
Well why not? It’s a beautiful country, it’s part of the EU, the people are warm and most of them fluent in English, Spanish, Italian or French. You can easily have your class in your native tongue. Also it’s cheap, and above anything else, it’s VERY Safe too. Also, the Economy is growing fast, so there is plenty of opportunity.

That being said let me know if you are ready to embark on this new adventure!
PS: Feel free to drop me any question on the email address i left above.