Sudarshan Kriya and Its benefits


Are you looking for a perfect solution to deal with your stress? Would you believe me, the solution to stress is breathing?

Tension and anxiety are the by-products of our modern routine. Sudarshan Kriya is an ancient yogic science of India that enhances your health physically and mentally. Find out here more.

What Is Sudarshan Kriya?

‘Su’ stands for proper, and ‘darshan’ stands for vision. ‘Kriya’ means to purify the whole body. Finally, Sudarshan Kriya depicts ‘proper vision by purifying action.’ Sudarshan Kriya Yoga is anexceptional breathing exercise that includes cyclical breathing techniques that vary from slow and calming to fast and stimulating. Here, you can take the control of your breath, which absolutely improves your immune system, nerves, and psychological glitches.

The Sudarshan Kriya Technique

Ujjayi (Victorious Breath)
Bhastrika (Bellows Breath)
Om Chant
Kriya (Purifying Breath)
Before starting the kriya, just sit in the Vajrasana position.

  1. Ujjayi (Victorious Breath)

Ujjayi needs you to breathe knowingly. You can feel your breath physically by touching your throat. Ujjayi is a gentle breathing procedure where you inhale and exhale in a comfortable manner, maintaining the periods of inhalation and exhalation equal. Slow breathing enhances you to gain control over your breath and makes you to prolong it till the precise count. Ujjayi calms you down and makes you alert.

.2. Bhastrika (Bellows Breath)
In Bhastrika, you will inhale and exhale the air fast and forcefully. This breathing style is mainly short and quick. The length of the exhalations should be double that of the inhalations. Bhastrika has the exceptional effect of motivating the body trailed by calmness

  1. Om Chant
    The pure sound of ‘Om,’ the foundation of all life, is intoned 3 times. The chanting of Om bonds you to the source of the universe and the persistence of life. Om runs in your breath that withstands life.

  2. Kriya (Purifying Breath)
    The most important form is doing Kriya, which is a progressive form of breathing. It needs you to breathe in slow, medium, and fast breathing cycles. The breaths should be recurring and rhythmic. Ensure that the duration of your inhalations is twice that of your exhalations. This final step clears your vision and purifies your being.

Side Effects

Numerous international educational organizations proved that Sudarshan Kriya has no side effects. Sudarshan Kriya will do wonders if you had learned from an expert teacher. It is not suggested to try this on your own.


Sudarshan Kriya should be done perfectly under the guidance of an expert. Or else, it will be unproductive and perhaps even harmful. Ensure you are bodily and mentally suitable to do the Sudarshan Kriya. Pregnant women, people under alcohol and drugs, and people suffering from severe mental illness should avoid this Kriya.

Benefits of Sudarshan Kriya

Sudarshan Kriya progresses your complete health and well-being.
It upsurges your energy levels and fortifies the immune system.
It lessens the cholesterol levels and progresses organ functions.
Trains you to deal with perplexing situations in a good manner.
Clears your head of needless clutter and enhances your sleep quality.
It boosts your brain function and ups your inventiveness.
Reduces stress and simplifies anxiety.
Works wonders for post-traumatic depression and stress disorder.
Relax you totally and assist you to attain inner peace.
Builds a bond of joy, accord, and love.
It will increase your self-assurance levels and makes you more patient