Suggestions For Yoga Pants


Ok this may sound cheesy to some but I’m looking for yoga pants that are clingy and will cup my butt cheeks. I worked hard to have a nice firm butt and I want to show off my shape. Most pants stretch across by butt but I would like for them to caress my cheeks more. I have a ruched bottom swimsuit that I really like so I searched the net like crazy looking for some kind of ruched bottom pant but I’m having no luck.

Anyway I thought what a better place to ask than a yoga forum. So if you can help PLEASE point me in the right direction. They dont have to be ruched but I would like them to cup my checks nicely.


As your fellow countryman john macenroe the tennis dude said "you cannot be serious"
but maybe you are !


Oh, I’m serious alright. What’s not to be serious about a nice butt in some nice shapley pants?


Its a very serious matter , I stand corrected


I’d say just go google yoga pants and look at pictures. I’m sure you’ll find some that way.
A yoga forum is actually more focused on discussing yoga, not how we look in our pants. :slight_smile:


You should check out our line! :slight_smile: We work our asses off too!

  • four way strech
  • lightweight
  • breathable
  • fast-drying
  • eco-friendly
  • sustainable yoga fashion
  • sits high on the waist for a flattering fit

I recomend Freeme Yoga, leggings made from recycled plastic bottles.


i just wear hip-hop suit.


Hi everybody,
Yoga is fun. There is actually a website that talks more about yoga and good clothing for those interested in reading up on it. If you go here you can find out more