Superhero assignments

It goes Wonder Woman then Batman then Superman.
They’re vegan.

Whupaw!! They keep you pitted man so pitted like that.

This is Lao Tzu when he became the west like many of those butterfly lovers. He is a memory making master in the present.

He was so strong he found balance in his emotion.

We’re going to give him the best of the best attributes in heaven and he’ll be a representative for earth to those aliens dude.

We’ll all embrace the aliens man. We’re all those representatives

But anyone can live alone technically if they want.

As long as they’re pitted.

I never had a problem with my lip man. Only once. And in life once EVERYTHING goes bad everything STAYS bad. So don’t oversacrifice, and but anyone who wants gets there. Be confident and ride the waves enjoy those frequent natural vibrations.