Sympathy SUCKS :: A New Paradigm of Caring

I made a video about what I feel is an usual thing that we encourage/praise in our society: sympathy. What do you think?


This video is about why you cannot help someone by feeling awful with them. That's not how vibration works.

COMPASSION means we see someone beyond judgement. We can be helpful because we KNOW someone's wholeness. We know that someone is capable of finding their inner support system. And we hold true to the KNOWING that all is always well--no matter what it looks like. No matter what.

Check out my video, which explains way more about this... And how you can be a helpful influence in someone's life.

Don't SUCK :slight_smile:

Sirgun Kaur

"Massive reprogramming". Yes, that is yoga. It is often hard enough to see ourselves as beings of light. We are so involved in our ego dramas and the suffering of others can fit into that drama.

So yes, what if I try to focus more on seeing people as localized expressions of our infinite being. I get less enmeshed, I retain my own center dress and sense of identity and peace. Then perhaps what I say and do reflect that peace and center and resonate with them, helping then see them selves, understand themselves as more than this "sufferer".

I do try to maintain my own sense of unity, infinity even as my ego faces all its challenges. That is the real yoga.

Very well said Rubedo. Indeed! I like the phrase you used "center dress". My friend called emotions a "costume" we take on and off. However we frame it, it is just passing...


Aha! That was a (Freudian?) typo. I meant centeredness.

I still love CENTER DRESS... it's like the clothing of being centered :slight_smile:

Cool typo!