SYT for shoulders, pranayama for doshas, adductors vs. abductors


Q - A couple of questions. Question#1 I am having a number of people wanting to see me for shoulder problems ? including at least in part some rotator cuff involvement. Of course I have not studied shoulders in nearly as much detail as I have hips and lower back. Do you have any suggestions of papers or other resources that would be helpful for me to gain insight into this area? Evidently, it is the area I need to be studying next.

     A 1 - You missed out on workshop of yoga bodywork that covers shoulders and hips a lot.  You might ask Dee or Makaan or even Nicholle on that  to show you methods.  Also refer to my knee and shoulder reprints.  There are also Q & A with Mukunda for references and now SYT papers are posted on my site with many references and 50 papers there.  

Question #2 I am wondering about breathing techniques for Vata, Pitta and Kapha, including sounds which could be made with the breath. Any ideas or places I might research for this kind of info?

	A 2 - Coming in my next book, ayurvedic yoga therapy due out this summer.  A little has been given in training.  

Question #3 A woman is coming to me this week for her lower back. She was in the workshop last weekend and mentioned one thing that felt good was while doing the add-abductor exercise from the joint freeing series (I had them put a soft ball between their legs to help feel the adductors) she felt relief. I am pasting her her explanation of what she emailed to me that she is experiencing. I would greatly appreciate your comments and ideas.

              A 3 -A common issue is lack of harmony of these antagonists.  They can be given much more attention via a ball to work add. And relieve abd.  In future all such Q are best posted on site under SYT closed group for graduates.  That way others can receive benefits of your Q.  namaste m