Tennis Pro pains


I did an assessment on a tennis pro the other day. Young guy in his late 20’s with all kinds of pain in knees, hips, ankles, left arm. His wife was in the room watching as I was explaining what I was doing to him. She had just graduated from a basic Yoga training here in Richmond so she was delighted to be there. Not only was he limited in movement in hip flexion, knee flexion, but showed no signs of movement in dorsiflexion either. Muscle weakness poor in gluts, quads, psoas, abs & triceps. He plays right handed so I was at first confused by him saying his left arm was sore until I checked & he was very hyperextended in just his left arm. & he plays using a 2 handed back hand so as he reaches back he hyperextends it, thus pain in his elbow. I asked him if he had trouble with the ball dropping low to the ground & getting to it & he said yes & when it happened he told himself to bend deeper. I explained it was due to his inability to bend at the knee & hip. I have him with a balance ball on his back against the wall doing squats, strengthening with joint freeing by having muscles hold without use of the arms,tricep pushups, boat pose lowering back to floor with legs up for abs, lowering heels from bottom step to increase dorsiflexion & full squat with heels on a wedge until he could work to both heels & toes on the ground in full sqat. Cobra pose to strengthen gluts, being mindful to keep left elbow bent in back hand shots & while doing downward dog. I also suggested for him to go to the driving range & hit golf balls. I wanted to condition & increase his strength in his left arm & shoulders. ( much to the disapproval of his wife, I might add…)


your assessment seems clear and so do recommendations. I don’t see a question here so no comment. namaste