Thankful about information about yoga


I've been reading a lot about yoga on this forum (for over a year) and now is the time to tell you that i'm very grateful for all the information I've got to read here. Thank you! A long time I was very stressed and not happy with myself. I've been following yoga in Leeuwarden at Pure Yoga Studio (a quite town in the North of the Netherlands). A very good down to earth yoga studio with such great teachers who helped me overcome my situation. After reading posts on this forum about mindfullness and meditation, I've had to try it and it really helped me to calm my mind down. It took a while but I'm more relaxed now and if I notice I'm becomming more stressed I take a step back and meditate at home or anywhere I can.

Just want to say thank you all for the information on this great forum. As I am very grateful I will try to give my 6 months experience to those who need it on this forum. I'm really into Yin Yoga now. Can anyone recommend a follow up yoga class which is a bit more active but not to active? Again thank you very much, I believe yoga saved my life :pray:


Good to know you are on your path. Keep it up.