The 5 Tibetan Rites

Hi. I discovered the 5 Tibetan Rites recently. I am finishing up my 11th week shortly. I do this daily practice in addition to my Vinyasa practice 4-5 times a week. I believe that the Rites have given me a new strength in my Vinyasa practice as some of my asanas seem to be easier or fuller. I am wondering if anyone in the forum has had some experience with this practice also and what your feelings are about it. Thank you.

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The five Tibetan rites will make you more energetic, recharged, decompressed. It will make you fit and healthy, if done regularly.

How many time you are doing? 21 times or lesser.

Twelve Sun salutations and 21 times Tibetan rites are enough for anybody to be healthy and fit. No need for other poses.

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I have just completed 11 weeks of the 5 Tibetans doing them daily. I have worked my way up to the 21 repetitions. I believe that after I did ten full weeks I began to feel good effects. As for doing the Rites and 12 Sun Salutations you are probably correct that that is enough. However I love my full Vinyasa class as it keeps me so flexible( I am 69 years old and retired and this also keeps me in touch with younger yogis) and in a yogic setting.

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I love tibetan rites - I think I made a tutorial for them in detail including how to prep and how to think during them on my youtube (Nina Soyfer) but I have been doing it on and off since I was little - it is one of the best most comprehensive and beneficial things ever - and I teach 7 types of yoga - the tibetan rites are amazing! I feel more centered and strong when I do them - the spinning at the start just makes my energy boost for the day

I love Tibetan rites