The best music for yoga


Hi everyone,

My name is Phil & I am a UK based playlist curator (yes that's a job) specialising in music for yoga & meditation.

I'm currently trying to compile the best music I can find on Spotify to create the ultimate playlist of ambient sounds, music, varying tempos & generally just super relaxing & energising music to help with your exercise.

It's all well and good saying I'll create the best playlist, but without input from the community I can't do that, so I would greatly appreciate it if you could recommend any particular music/artists that you like to use so I can add them to my collection. Or if you don't use music yourself then I'd love to know what you do use, if anything at all, because the more I understand the better the soundtrack :slight_smile:

Below is a link to my current playlist and if you found time to follow it and listen to a few tracks then any feedback you can offer would be fantastic!

Thank you so much and all the best,


Greetings Phil,

I am working with a man who calls himself "Song of Eden" who creates really beautiful ambient music. You can find his music on spotify.

I am a chant artist, so most of my stuff is mantra/lyrical... but I do have an instrumental album that might work for this purpose. On Spotify here.

Love your playlist BTW. Nice to "meet" you.


I've been enjoying this playlist from Nu Meditation Music during my yoga practice lately:

PS I love your playlist and it's super cool that you're a playlist curator! I didn't even know that was a profession!


Aloha everyone. Here is some music from a pro sound healing that can be used.


Hi there Phil, im using Music Nutrition Healing Sounds for my yoga and meditation. You can search their website( and try to listen to their music samples on youtube (anikiko music nutrition). Hope you will like their music sounds too.


Hi there phil,
Have you check their website? if not here is a link on you tube ( ) to a video that i usually use. Give it a try and might like it.