The best music for yoga


Hi everyone,

My name is Phil & I am a UK based playlist curator (yes that's a job) specialising in music for yoga & meditation.

I'm currently trying to compile the best music I can find on Spotify to create the ultimate playlist of ambient sounds, music, varying tempos & generally just super relaxing & energising music to help with your exercise.

It's all well and good saying I'll create the best playlist, but without input from the community I can't do that, so I would greatly appreciate it if you could recommend any particular music/artists that you like to use so I can add them to my collection. Or if you don't use music yourself then I'd love to know what you do use, if anything at all, because the more I understand the better the soundtrack :slight_smile:

Below is a link to my current playlist and if you found time to follow it and listen to a few tracks then any feedback you can offer would be fantastic!

Thank you so much and all the best,