The Birth and Joyful Death of Kundalini Shakti: Awakening Intensive with Kim Rinpoche

The Birth and Joyful Death of Kundalini Shakti: Awakening Intensive with Kim Rinpoche

Awakening is an experience that happens to people universally, practitioners and non-practitioners alike. The actual awakening that frees the small self is a profoundly liberating experience. Then, at last, we feel natural about ourselves and realize that the reason for our dissatisfaction and spiritual seeking is in our own mind, not in the world outside us. After the first awakening experience, life is different.

Most spiritual traditions claim that there are no practices that generate awakening directly but this is not universally true. In some tantric lineages there are techniques that generate awakening from the dualistic state to nonduality, and do so very quickly. There is nothing scary or harmful in this, quite the opposite. Unfortunately, though, most tantric lineages keep their practices secret from the public.

Two-Part Formula

In Pemako-teachings there is a technique called the Two-Part Formula that is taught to new students and seekers who haven't yet awakened. This practice has been openly taught by Kim Rinpoche and our other teachers since 2014. By now over 250 people worldwide have awakened and greatly benefited from it.

The Two-Part Formula is a simple technique that you can learn for free from our website. Kim Rinpoche's book ”Awake! Handbook of Awakening” that is available from Amazon (links below) gives you lots of information, advice and context about awakening. Reading the book is recommended before joining this intensive.

On this Awakening Intensive, Kim Rinpoche teaches you the Two-Part Formula and guides you through several practice sessions so that you learn the technique properly and and use it on your own. Rinpoche will also explain what happens to the famous coiled energy - kundalini shakti – as it ascends to the heights to unite with shankalini shakti - the downward flowing energy of grace - to then die and disappear in the heart, and to leave the mind in awakened state.

This intensive is excellent for both new seekers as well as long time practitioners of yoga and meditation who feel stuck in practice and are in doubt whether they have awakened or not. After the intensive, if you wish to continue the practice guided by one of Pemako teachers, you can arrange a guidance.

Later in 2022, Kim Rinpoche will teach a group of people to become experts and instructors of awakening. This awakening instructor course will be based on the Two-Part Formula and Awake-book. If you wish to help others awaken, stay tuned!

Time: Sat-Sun 28th - 29th May 2022, 3 - 9 pm Finland/Eastern European Time zone, suitable for EU and US time zones.
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The Two-Part Formula:
Awake! Handbook of Awakening at Amazon

About the teacher

Kim Rinpoche is the founder and master of the international Pemako Sangha. He was asked to teach by Sivakami Om Anandi (Shaiva Tantra) and Terayama Tanchu Sensei (Zen and Hitsuzendo) but mainly teaches from his own mystic visions that he's had since he was a child. Kim Rinpoche has taught over 200 retreats in many countries since 2008 and has students all over the world. He is known for his practical, direct and down-to-earth style of teaching, spiced with wacky humour.

About Pemako

Pemako is name of both the method and the community (sangha). The Pemako method is mainly tantric, both buddhist and hindu, that includes a variety of practices from the first awakening (2PF) to consecutive awakenings and mind purification, leading to complete purification also known as buddhahood or full enlightenment.

Pemako is the first truly Western group of tantric mastery where effectiveness of practices and results are a priority. In Pemako Sangha, we practice the so called pragmatic dharma where everything can and is discussed openly without secrecy. Join us on Facebook: Redirecting...

Pemako Sangha has local practice groups and instructors in US, UK, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Russia.

Find out more, www.pemako dot org