The energy in yoga


Hi everybody,

I'm very interested in the way the energy works within yoga. After all, you get energy through food and water, through breathing and the sun, even through brown fat and chakra's.

To understand how the body works from the energetic point of view is imho key. It's important to understand you will conserve energy by knowing which muscles you use in certain circumstances (asana's) and turning off the muscles you don't want to use.

What do you guys know about this subject? I'm a novice so very curious to hopefully get some valuable info and links.



Yoga is all about utilization of energy to move to higher levels (Planes) of the mind
Utilization of energy comes after realization of energy
Realization of energy comes after development of awareness of self
Awareness of self comes after knowing subtleties of physical body and mind
Knowledge of subtleties of physical body and mind comes after mindfulness practice of postures and pranayama


Hello Rutger,
in order to the question of energy in yoga I have noticed that a yoga āsana with the same perfection can show differences in expression. Some yoga postures demonstrates more the physical force, others express lightness, dynamics, and centering.
I found a first explanation of these phenomena in the writings of Heinz Grill (have a look at my book recommendations). Heinz Grill distinguishes three types of energies, one that comes from the physical body (kāma), one that comes from the vital body (prāṇa) and one that comes from the mind (buddhi).
The most important energy field in yoga is the prāṇa energy of the vital body. This can either be stimulated more by the physical body or more by the thoughts. With regard to a positive inner development, he advises a mindful pracice, but not to take so much importance to the physical level of energy. It would be more important if the prāṇa energy is attuned to certain meditative thoughts.

This probably means Umesh when he says that you want to bring the energy to a higher level.

Heinz Grill concludes that during yoga exercises, you should allow to the breath to flow as freely as possible so that the body experiences no manipulation and interference. At the same time he gives concrete ideas in his books, with which one can accompany the practice and which, in sum, produce a luminous and light energy level.
If you want to become aware of this possibility of lightness in yoga, you can have a look at this video. It shows the scorpion, which is an advanced yoga position.


Subtle bodies are experienced by energy and not by the senses. Senses are limited to time and space but energy is quantum state, beyond time and space.

But here is a big catch that any seeker who will practice with anticipation of experiencing energy will eventually create a false façade around him or her and will be self hypnotized to create false impression of energy experience..

For the same reason people talk about meditation so often but in reality hardly any one of them have ever experienced it.