The first step of liberation in a yogic life


the first step of liberation in a yogic life
-Freedom from sorrows (Yama)

1.Non-violence (Ahimsa)
True bliss and happiness found in the path of non-violence, following the path of violence will fill your road of life with pain and sorrows as it follows the law of karma which the return of your action. If a person is filled with jealousy and tries to hurt someone will be facing the same course of action sooner or later. Non-violence is the practice of letting go, The pain, Sorrows, Anger and Negative emotion which is followed by forgiveness. It is not only about the outer world but also to the inner self.
2.Truth (Satya)
As we say in India “satyamev jayate” which means truth shall always win, it is the only key to maintain peaceful mind of a being. As a person lie about a thing in order to cover a lie he/she will have to tell many lies in order to cover this first lie which create chaos in the mind of a person. We always heard a saying that is “honesty is the best policy”. In order to practice this element one should be truthful to himself/herself.
3.Non stealing (Asteya)
Stealing come from the sense of incompletion in order to gain it some people try to steal which not a way of becoming a rightful owner. All the peace and wealth come to one who does not steal. The person who steals will always filled with emotions like fear and sense of incompletion and have to bear the consequences of stealing one day or another. Asteya is to not steal with mind, actions and promises and reward for that is detachment, forgiveness and compassion.
4.Brahmacharya (Celibacy)
It is the union of two words Brahma means high thinking or pure consciousness and charya means right Reflection. Energy which is the highest awareness. To let go of desire and loggings that comes in the form of thoughts, speech and actions in form of body language in order to have freedom from sorrows.
It is to protect vigour and valour to constrain higher energy which flow through our actions when needed in the presence of pure consciousness and being detached from all of the desires.
5.Aparighraha(Non- Accumulation)
Parighraha(collection) is the desire of a human to collect more whether it is wealth, happiness, food and the things which please us. Parighraha leads to accumulation of a desire by a single person which affects others by creating a scarcity in their lives.