The First Yoga Retreat 2021 on Ibiza

I am very proud am I hosting the first Yoga Retreat on Ibiza in an amazing villa close by Portinatx.

May 14th - 21th

This week is all about life overview and connection. Life is divided into 11 parts. (eg health, relationships, career, social life, etc.). At the beginning of each lesson, a topic will be discussed and you will be challenged to think in a focused way. You will receive a folder with forms containing questions. Where we normally often throw every life aspect on one big pile, you will now see that life has various facets that you can approach separately and adjust or can develop further 1 by 1. And when you start to get more clarity for now and the future, in all those facets, you will see that they have the opportunity to complement and strengthen each other.

This gives you balance, insight, strength, self-confidence, overview and development. It will allow you to view your life from a completely different angle at the end of the week.

This is all supplemented with classes inspired by yoga, yoga therapy and Restorative yoga. The intention is to go home relaxed and with new insights.

In addition, you will receive a breathing lanka lesson every day after breakfast. A unique special Indonesian movement art for extra strength, energy and overall balance.

Feel free to find more information and a big discount here