The Great Super Double Lingam Posture of Paramashiva’s Cobras

If you’re interested try this posture to somehow maybe even be initiated and progress with some of the ancient gurus you know and have dreamed of who were waiting to guide; it also might help with lapsing or powerful cognitions that are derived wisely and deduced smartly from the lotus posture on the mystical Lotus Sutra Mat in this example.
The general gist is to reverse much of the posture and collect the accumulations and give maintenance to the boundaries of the posture. These are extreme boundaries. Though criss crossed sitting is maybe a boundary to you or one leg on top extremely squished is the other, this is the extreme of this posture while understanding the posture is extreme. Maybe more the hidden one than the inferred. I think you can lift a leg to let it stretch and flex there more to coordinate which can take you on a journey but the one I’m noticing is like cobra pose and really get the ancient prana that was being in harmony and still in sync in a specific more way though writing this may connect the circuits. Prana=structure mana=conditional structure chi=raw material or raw structure and raw material or material of body and outside the body or inside and outside or things like that.
So, do cobra then for one of the sides you’ll bend your legs about 90 degrees at the knees, you can flex the feet up towards the shins to if you want, then let your legs lower to a side. Then you can let one arm face back behind you with the back of your hand bent towards its own direction. Then do the other side; for now that is enough. In a way this expands your vision of the posture past anatomical position like as the opposite direction and towards a third position that is the full opposite. This can help you keep the anatomical position straight as a Paramashiva Lingam by derivative calculus of these trendy opposites.

If you really like the lotus posture and see everything else as it’s opposite then I’d say this is a conservative opposite while keeping the middle anatomical like posture as a range, while I think though that is the advice for you it is also the conservative opposite for all else in natural body language because one can think by threes like Tesla explains and anatomical position is also super base standard. Three is more liberal than two I guess but three is necessary because people doing super liberal twos or numbers above three or doing super liberal even one lifestyle need specific environmental wisdom. I’d say 1 is philosophy two is science and 3 is philosophical and 4 and above is liberal is more and more complex skillful defined rich chancy lucky risky and basically everything else and at this time on earth still unknown and a reasonable slave to reasonable conservatism as evil is not extremely impossible as in heaven. Just be reasonable for twos because of what finite resources in intelligence and matter you have. In a way the three is like an income but not the one loan from God.

We destroy lotus and with all the natural organic methods poop out the lotus we eat and make new lotus. Just a couple teaspoons of lotus oil like a two and then we eat the vegan food and digest life moderately and poop out evolution material.

It can be the content not just the amount, or or or it’s the novelty not just the content, or or or it’s all the natural organic methods less seedless grapes. Maybe fast twice a week. Lololololol and if you eat anything maybe just some liquid. We don’t want to overwhelm our bodies that are in the same reality as our thoughts :hammer::hammer::hammer: and whenever you need to digest life those fasts will help. Find and pick the choices for healthy prana the biomemory in the whole cycle of life.

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Top that title ladies!!:yin_yang::peanuts::hatched_chick::woman: make a little analogy and put a top on it; a female title with a female reason like how a snake has a double lingam for both sides of the posture which may be a metaphysical one if one. But you can spread it all at once don’t forget the arms and make one up or just a feminine title or how the posted one is if you like that.

Two drips rolling in opposite directions to the other side of the melon.