The legacy of Agama

It is now nearly a year ago that one of the biggest yoga schools in the world, Agama yoga in Thailand, collapsed after many of the male teachers alleged were accused by more then 20 women. It was in the headlines of many newspapers and news sites around the world.
Luckily Agama and it's branches seem to have almost disappeared now. But let's not forget that many more male teachers who learned disrespectful attitudes towards women in Agama are still operating in this world. The most obvious one would be Somananda, one of the first teachers that was already accused many years ago.
Be aware of these toxic attitudes when you check out a new yoga/tantra teacher, he might have learned in Agama. Disrespect towards women, like a typical predictor like behavior that was so common in Agama, is not in line with traditional yoga and tantra!