The Mat..!

Hello all,
Need some help after reading a few articles on Mats. I’m 6’2" and roughly 200 lbs and sweat like a dog. What I would like to know is how I would size a mat for myself. Currently I have a 72" cheapie and I slide all over it after a one hour vinyasa class. I’m looking at the manduka live on mat due to the price not being to steep. But would like any inputs anyone has on them. Or if I should go with something else. The thickness is 5mm.

Mat choice is so personal and of course depends on the kind of asana practice a person is engaging.

In your case however it’s best to limit the choices to the longer mats. You can of course get some friends together and order a roll then cut your own custom length. But that’s an ordeal. A shorter path might involve this critter:

I bought the warrior mat by yoga mat and I was disapointed. I only use it at home but slip when my parms are sweating and i’m doing inverted v. I only bought it to replace a cheap one, but my cheap one has better grip
Have you seen the bikram yoga towels you can buy? Maybe put that over your existing mat? I often just put a towel on mine to help my grip I really wish I hadn’t bought it, the only upsides it has are it’s not slippy on my wood floor but it’s not comfotable on the knees:(