The paraglider is a piece of fabric that makes dreams come true

Everyone has dreamed of flying at some point.
With paragliding, this dream can
come true.

Glide like an eagle over mountains, forests, meadows, and lakes. Driven by the power
of nature, the thermal and
dynamic winds.

We help you to make this dream come true.

- Stefan and Regula


The Alpstein flight school was launched in 1976 by Walter Röösli, St. Gallen. He was the founder of this aviation in Eastern Switzerland and is considered a pioneer. He pursued his passion for over 20 years and trained many pilots during these years.

In 2001 Stefan Thür took over the flight school.

The offer includes training, further education, passenger flights, flight holidays, advice, service, safety courses, repairs, and the sale of equipment. The aim is to convey the fun of flying to as many people as possible and to always pass on the latest findings and developments.