The Science of Yoga therapy

The meaning of yoga is "to connect with the source". The science of yoga is in four main forms and they all have the same place, connection and

  • Karma Yoga (yoga of selfless action, which involves subduing the ego thru selfless service)
  • Bhakti Yoga (yoga of devotion, which involves subduing the ego thru devotion to a teacher)

Yoga postures improve mental and physical coordination, and bring a natural balance to our bodies. Once imbalances are undiagnosed, yoga can help correct these imbalances.

We need yoga for Ayurveda because we need to understand the full human potential to use our good health properly. And we need Ayurveda for yoga because we need good health and strength which is necessary to realize the full human potential.

Kaivalyadhama carefully designed Yoga & Ayurveda workshop to spread knowledge about Specific interpretation of Yogic texts & Yogic terms through the lens of Applied Ayurveda

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